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Pro-Second Amendment #ShootBack campaign surfaces, encouraging self-defense for the LGBT community

After the events of the Orlando nightclub massacre that took place last weekend, it’s clear that the LGBT community in America is under attack; not by the Republicans, but instead by the radical Islamists that the Regressive Left continues to coddle and protect.

If there’s anything that we’ve learned in the past week, it’s that liberals only care about the safety of gays when it fits into their agenda. When given the opportunity to denounce the rise of radicalized Islamic views, the Left chose not to, and now the LGBT community has discovered that that if they want to feel safe in this country, they’re going to have to protect themselves.

This is no more noticeable than in West Hollywood, California, where numerous posters featuring a rainbow-colored Gadsden flag with “#ShootBack” replacing the infamous “Don’t Tread on Me” text along the bottom have begun popping up all over the place. The notoriously gay area seems to stand behind the Second Amendment as a way of saying, “No more” to the homophobic violence perpetrated on them.

It’s a beautiful showcase of America as a whole: Gay people who are free to defend themselves from an impending attack.

With both the Second Amendment-loving Americans and the LGBT community under attack from the Regressive Left, it’s comforting to see the two groups come together to combat this attempted oppression at the hands of the federal government. We cannot stand for this absurd infringement on our right to bear arms, and we cannot stand for these radical Islamic views that are clearly preventing members of our society from living a free life.

Here’s hoping that if and when the time comes, and another terrorist attack begins to take place, the LGBT community remembers to shoot back. This is their home, and they are allowed to feel safe here.



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